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Crafty Syntax has been Renamed to Sales Syntax. The name change comes with a change in the software from being just a live help system to now having CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Tools included. New features which was released in version 3.6.1+ (June 21, 2016 ) focus on Converting website visitors into clients and will include more proactive ways to gather leads. For example new in version 3.6.1 is the ability to create offline layer invites proactivly asking your visitors if they have any questions and fill out the contact form or form or your choosing. These are then recorded as leads.

* Increase sales with proactive chat invites for visitors on your website
* Unlimited operators, departments, and users
* FULLY Customizable open source code
* Typing Preview to see what is being typed as it is being typed !!
* Chat Transcripts, referrer, keyword and search phrase Tracking
* Canned Messages, Customizable chat icons, community of support
* Over 75,000 Installations worldwide !!
* and much much more...

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Live Support for Your Website:

Crafty Syntax Live Help is a live support application. highlighted features include the ability to create your own questions, auto inviting visitors, referrer tracking, page tracking.. and more

live help