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Sales Syntax Services:


This Will allow the client to have priority support with support tickets answered within 48 hours on weekends and within 24 hours on week days. This service is month to month for $10 per month Priority Support


This Sales Syntax Live Help Premium Option will fully remove the Backlink and Copyright-Links from the client side of the Sales Syntax Live Help Chat Window. It will also remove the ads and the donation page that shows every 10th login on the clients side of the chat. The Sales Syntax Live Help client side unbranded, no back link version also includeds the special mobile HTML version of the live help program! This super deal is a ONE TIME charge. PLUS UPGRADES to new unbranded versions as they are released in the future will be included! Download the unbranded release


The Pro release allows for monitoring on multiple websites from one website and also has addisionsl features (not included in Free version):

you can download this pro release here: Download the PRO release
  • Ability to include chat on the webpage WITHOUT A pop-up window! users can chat directly from a embeded chat window on the lower right corner of website.
  • Ability to monitor Multiple websites with multiple different sets of departments from the same Live help application
  • Includes the Mobile HTML version to allow opening live help on the browsers of smart phones.
  • Removal of "Donation page" which occurs every 10 logins from operators
  • Optional Removeal of "Powered by" and credit links from CLIENT SIDE of chat (Credit links still remain on the operators side of the chat)
  • Advertisement-free - all pop-ups are removed.
  • Ideal for Developers and Firms using the plugin on client sites
  • Advanced notice of new features, updates, functionality.
  • One month of priority e-mail support (all requests answered within 48 hours)
Additional Features coming soon:
with the free upgrades you will be able to download these features when they become avaliable at no additional cost.
  • Ability to chat using a IM client like jabber, MSN messenger, etc..
  • Additional Reporting on Operators performace ( number of missed chats, polls)
Professional installation:

If you would like Sales Syntax installed on your own website you can click the below link to be taken to our secure order form which will ask you for access and payment for installing the application onto your server:
Click here for Sales Syntax Pro Installation

Upgrade an existing installation:

There currently a security vulnerablity in versions of Sales Syntax 3.6.1 and below. It is highly recommend that all users using older versions of Sales Syntax upgrade to version 3.6.2 OR HIGHER . If you need help doing this there is a service for this using the link below. You are given the option to have us upgrade your database and files or just apply the security patches to your website:
Click here for Sales Syntax Pro Upgrade

Custom Programming Services:

CLICK HERE to request Custom programming
If you require help to customize or add additonal features to your installation of Sales Syntax please use this form. We will get back to you given the description of the project on how long it will take us and how much it would cost to program.
Custom Programming Services

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