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Sales Syntax Installation:

Sales Syntax is *INCLUDED* in many auto installers that are included in hosting control panel systems. With your hosting account you should have a auto installer included that allows you to install open source applications with one click installation. The list of installer programs that include Sales Syntax keeps growing but here is a basic of auto installers that offer Sales Syntax as a one click installation: Fantastico, Simple Scripts, Softaculous,
Network solutions, installatron, zackyinstaller

So the easiest way to install Sales Syntax is to first check with your hosting company and see if you can install Sales Syntax using a auto-installer provided in your hosting control panel. If you need to compair hosting companies that offer this you can visit website hosting solutions control panels.

For a video example of how to use a auto installer you can visit: How To Create a live help Site
There is also the option to install sales syntax manually by downloading the free zip and extracting the files and uploading them to your server. You would have to create an empty database for the program to use. The Latest FREE version of the application is VERSION 3.6.2 which can be DOWNLOADED HERE :

Premium Download options:

Below are links to Premium download options for Sales Syntax CRM:

NO Backlinks Release of Sales Syntax :

ORDER The NO Backlinks Version
This Premium Option will fully remove the
Backlink and Copyright-Link from the Sales Syntax Live
Help Chat Window and from all emails sent by Sales Syntax as well.

PRO Release of Sales Syntax :

ORDER The PRO Version
The Pro release allows for monitoring on multiple websites from one website and also has addisionsl features (not included in Free version):

you can download this pro release here: Download the PRO release Additional Features coming soon:
with the free upgrades you will be able to download these features when they become avaliable at no additional cost.
Download FREE STABLE Release version 3.6.2:

Professional installation:

If you would like Sales Syntax installed on your own website you can click the below link to be taken to our secure order form which will ask you for access and payment for installing the application onto your server:
Click here for Sales Syntax Pro Installation

Upgrade an existing installation:

There currently a security vulnerablity in versions of Sales Syntax 3.6.1 and below. It is highly recommend that all users using older versions of Sales Syntax upgrade to version 3.6.2 OR HIGHER . If you need help doing this there is a service for this using the link below. You are given the option to have us upgrade your database and files or just apply the security patches to your website:
Click here for Sales Syntax Pro Upgrade

Custom Programming Services:

CLICK HERE to request Custom programming
If you require help to customize or add additonal features to your installation of Sales Syntax please use this form. We will get back to you given the description of the project on how long it will take us and how much it would cost to program.
Custom Programming Services

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