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How to install Sales Syntax on your website.

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How to install Sales Syntax on your website.

Post by csyntax » Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:33 pm

Sales Syntax is *INCLUDED* in many hosting control panel systems via various auto installer programs.
So the easy way to install Sales Syntax is to first log into your hosting control panel and look for your hosts auto installer. These are programs that come with your hosting account that have a collection of open source applications you can install onto your website.

For example if your host has Fantastico installed you can select that icon from your control panel scroll to Sales Syntax Live Help and then fill out the short form to install it.

A video demo of doing this can be found here:

If your host does not have a auto installer and does not include Sales Syntax you can install
Sales Syntax manually by downloading the zip package from this page:
Then creating a empty database and database user and password to access that database
and once done simply fill out the installation form that shows when you open the live help directory in a web browser .

Directions on how to create a empty database and username and password on accessing that database
can be found here:

and directions on generating and placing the HTML monitoring code onto your website can be found here:

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