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How to register and gain access to member services

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:49 pm
by csyntax
Once the Sales Syntax CRM is installed on your website it is important to register that installation so that if there are any security updates or upgrades you can be notified.

After logging into the system and on the "overview index" tab click on the link that reads "Member Services" from the navigation menu this will direct you to the member services registration page
which is located at:

fill this short form out to register your installations version and what email you would like to use
to be notified of updates. You will then be emailed a registration id that you will need to enter into your installation.. To do this log into your installation and from the overview index page select
"Security Registration" and from that page you can enter the ID number which is a set of two numbers separated by a dash.