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How to upgrade Sales Syntax

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:43 am
by csyntax
How to upgrade Sales Syntax :

All that is required to upgrade is simply upload all the files included in the archive EXCEPT config.php over the existing installation files and open up setup.php in a web browser. Upon opening the setup.php file in a web browser all the files and database alterations will be made and the operator is not required to fill anything out!!! The application will auto-detect what version is currently running make any database alterations and update everything for you.

If you have installed an upgraded version of Sales Syntax such as the unbranded of Pro releases you
will need to LOG IN to using the registration information you used when you registered
your installation and you will be presented at the member services area a download link for
the unbranded or pro release you installed.. more directions can be found here: ... p?f=2&t=75