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How to LOG INTO for UPGRADES and pro and unbraded upgrades and Services

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How to LOG INTO for UPGRADES and pro and unbraded upgrades and Services

Post by csyntax » Sat Feb 18, 2017 9:23 am

If you have bought the unbranded release of Sales Syntax and you need to upgrade
to the latest release you can do so by using your registered login at the
website. Once log in to the Sales Syntax website you can click on "My Account" and
then "Member Services" On this page you will be presented with download links under the
"Software UPGRADES :" title bar.

For example say you have purchased the PRO VERSION OF SALES SYNTAX
( )
and you are running a older version such as version 4.0.6 and you need to upgrade to version
4.0.7 . Once you are on the member services page it will recognize the version you have currently
installed according to your registration and it will present you a download link to the latest version
on this page... so for example if you have version 4.0.6 installed and need to upgrade to version 4.0.7
a link under the software upgrades banner will be shown to you to download the zip file of version
4.0.7. Then upgrading to this release is just a matter of downloading the zip then uploading all the
files over your existing installation EXCEPT config.php and then letting it upgrade..

In your existing installation of Sales syntax there is also a link to "member services" under the "overview index"
tab that will auto log you into your account and present you with a download link

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